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Some Questions We Get Asked Often:

Our priority is to make sure that we help you as safely and comfortably as possible. At your first visit, here’s what you can expect:

Our front desk staff will greet you and take your paperwork. They’ll also ask you for your Identification card and your insurance card so that they can make copies for the office’s records.

We do our very best to schedule your first appointment during a time when our normal patient load is light so that the Doctor can spend more time with you and learn about you and your condition (This will also depend on your schedule). Once we have all of your initial paperwork done, our staff will take you back to a private room where you’ll wait for the Doctor (standard wait times in our office are 5-10 minutes).

Yes. An exam is essential to learning about you, your condition, and being able to treat your safely and efficiently. During your first visit, the Doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and the condition that you are coming in for. These questions will be followed by a focused exam that will help us determine a diagnosis and what the cause of condition is.

We don’t perform X-Rays on every patient that enters our office. The decision to order X-Rays (or other advanced imaging) is based on the results of the initial exam. We only perform X-rays when they are needed to form a Diagnosis or to rule out anything that might be dangerous to you.

Treatment is different for every patient.

Once the Doctor is able to diagnose the condition from the exam findings, you will be give a report of findings. During this report your condition, the Doctor’s Recommended treatment plan, and your treatment alternatives will be presented. No Treatment will be Performed until your understand your condition, options, and have given your permission.

Our practice accepts a range of convenient options to make paying for and budgeting your dental care affordable:

  • Cash and personal check
  • Major credit cards
  • HSA/FSA dollars

We do not. But as a courtesy to all patients with dental insurance, we will file your claim at the time of your visit for your direct reimbursement. In this way, we are able to work with you and provide the most beneficial and highest standard of care to meet your needs.

Yes! As a participant with Care Credit, we offer patients the opportunity to budget the cost of your dental care in convenient monthly payments. Click here for more info and to apply.

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