Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Philadelphia

Are you looking for a brighter, more confident smile? Whether you’re dealing with yellow teeth or simply want to enhance your smile Dr. Razavi , an experienced cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, offering professional whitening results. Our blog explains the various types, procedures, and costs associated with teeth whitening.

Types of Teeth Whitening

  • In office teeth whitening involves a visit to your cosmetic dentist for teeth bleaching, where high-grade bleaching agents are applied. You will notice immediate teeth whitening results after your treatment.
  • Takehome whitening kits, has custom trays and a professional-grade whitening solution, allow patients to enhance their smiles at home.
  • Over the counter products: whitening strips, gels, and toothpaste, offer a less efficient accessible alternative for people exploring how to whiten teeth. These products can still yield decent results over time, considering whitening safety and efficacy without a prescription. ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and fluoride are common, some products also containing potassium nitrate to minimize whitening side effects.

Same Day Teeth Whitening

For your upcoming events or if you have busy schedule, our clinic in Philadelphpia offer same-day teeth whitening, a fast procedure designed to deliver quicker results. the latest whitening trends, KöR cosmetic teeth whitening technology, allows our patients to see a significant improvement in their smile in one appointment, emphasizing the importance of whitening maintenance.

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, we’ll consider the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to teeth discoloration:

Intrinsic Factors

  • Natural aging processes can cause your teeth to become yellowover time.
  • Medications such as tetracycline taken during tooth development can cause deep, intrinsic stains.
  • Trauma of a tooth can lead to internal discoloration.
  • Excessive fluoride exposure during tooth development can result in white spots or brown stains.

Extrinsic Factors

  • Food and Drink Stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, cola, berries, and tomato sauce can cause surface stains.
  • Tobacco Stains including smoking and chewing tobacco, can lead to yellowish or brownish surface stains.

KöR Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

KöR teeth whitening represents a revolutionary approach with dramatic, long-lasting results. using special formulated whitening gels and customized trays, KöR is effective for resistant tooth discoloration, brown stains, with minimal sensitivity. the whitening formulation has amorphous calcium phosphate to ensure minimal sensitivity, making it unique choice among whitening products.

What is the cost of Professional Teeth Whitening?

cost of cosmetic teeth whitening in Philadelphia varies based on treatment type and dentist expertise. in-office whitening can range from $300 to $1,000, take-home kits may cost between $200 and $400. Over-the-counter products, though less expensive. However over the counter type don’t match the effectiveness and longevity of professional treatments.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Appointment?

Many dental clinics offer flexible scheduling to fit different busy lifestyles. If you’re looking for a brighter confident smile, consider Dr. Razavi, a leading cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. Our cosmetic dentist is Known for top teeth whitening treatments and a commitment to patient satisfaction. Schedule your appointment and see the difference for yourself.

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