From Removal to Renewal: Tooth Extraction in Philadelphia

You may think about tooth extraction. Extraction is a dental procedure that requires the removal of a whole tooth from your gum socket. We will help you understand the reasons, the best means of prevention, the steps of the procedure, and how to heal afterward.

When and Why Dental Extractions Are Necessary?

  1. Decay or Cavities
  2. Crowding Teeth
  3. Gum Disease
  4. Impacted Teeth

How to Avoid the Need for Dental Extractions?

  1. Regular brushing of the teeth with fluoride toothpaste 
  2. Daily flossing 
  3. Routine dental check-ups 
  4. Early treatment of cavities, gum disease

What to Expect and How to Promote Healing:

 After proper examination and setting treatment plan:

First, your dentist gives a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then employs dental tools to loosen your tooth gradually.

Your tooth is picked out using dental forceps.

Following extraction, your dentist puts gauze in the socket or suture to reduce the bleeding and promote healing.

Sometimes certain procedures require other approaches, such as cutting open the gums or trimming the underlying bone out. You are advised to follow post-op care, including dietary restrictions, medication usage, and proper oral hygiene. When severe tooth pain appears, visit nearby dental clinics for an emergency tooth extraction that can provide immediate care.

Exploring Options for Renewed Dental Health:

Dental Implant  is common options, a prosthetic tooth root firmly fixed into the jawbone, serve as a stable and durable method of replacing a missing tooth.

Fixed dental bridge combines one or more artificial teeth and mounts them on natural teeth or dental implants adjacent to the missing teeth. The bridge can be a reliable answer to hiding the gaps and restoring the function of the missing teeth, especially when multiple neighboring teeth are missing.

Dentures may be recommended for patients missing several or even all of their teeth. Removable devices substitute partially or completely for lost teeth and related tissues. Visiting a dentist can help to figure out what the best option depending on your needs and preferences.

Tailoring Dental Care After Extractions in Philadelphia

If you’re in Philadelphia and need dental extractions or post-extraction care, locating a reliable dental care provider is essential. In cases of dental problems, at Razavi dental, we offer emergency tooth extraction near me services for quick relief. Consulting with our dental professional is a key to address any dental issues and keeping your smile healthy for the long run. To schedule an appointment contact us at (215) 996-7030.

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